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But where does our
gasoline come from?

It’s time for country of origin labeling on gasoline. Americans have a right to know.

Your computer. The chair you’re sitting in. Even the coffee you’re drinking – all these products have country of origin labeling (called “COOL”). Yet the gasoline Americans buy every day does not.

America’s dependence on foreign sources of fuel continues to have a staggering impact on our national security and our economy. For most of us, this impact is purely theoretical.

When we fill up our vehicles, there’s no existing method for us to know where the fuel we’re purchasing comes from and which nations are deriving the economic benefit from that purchase.

In light of today’s global economy, coupled with our national security, energy independence and the economic implications of our fuel supply, we deserve to have more information and greater market transparency about the sources of our fuel.

We’re Growth Energy, a group of American ethanol supporters who believe in homegrown fuel. Join us in the effort to get Congress to mandate labeling for all fuels and all sources of fuel.

We all have a right to know.