What is country of origin labeling?

Country of origin labeling (COOL) is required on most items you purchase, including food, clothing, cars and coffee. It was created and mandated by the government because of the simple belief that consumers have the right to know where their goods come from, and where their money is going. Mandating country of origin labeling for fuel sold in the United States will help create unprecedented consumer awareness of the costs and national security implications of our current fuel supply model. It’s a simple extension of the same premise used in the products you already buy.

By requiring mandatory country of origin labeling of all fuel pumps in the United States, Congress can dramatically enhance product origin transparency and safety, and provide each one of us with the ability to make an informed purchasing choice.

We are asking that federal legislation be introduced that requires country of origin labeling for all fuels and all sources of fuel. It could be introduced as a stand-alone bill and/or as an amendment to climate change legislation. COOL legislation should require that labeling information indicate by percentage per gallon of gasoline the name(s) of the country or countries that are the source(s) of fuel being purchased.