Where does your fuel come from?

Most Americans probably don’t know the hidden costs of foreign oil. Here are the facts: In 2007, the U.S. imported nearly 60 percent of the petroleum it consumed. The cost of that oil has reached as much as $500 billion annually – a huge transfer of wealth from the U.S., often to countries that are hostile to our interests. Then there is the cost to taxpayers, estimated at $50 billion a year, to protect petroleum shipping lanes in the Middle East.

Simply put, most of our fuel doesn’t come from the U.S. And we’re paying for it in many ways.

Ethanol is ready to do more for America. Right now.

American ethanol already replaces 661,000 barrels of foreign petroleum per day. The U.S. ethanol industry out-produces many foreign suppliers of gasoline from crude oil, including Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Mexico.

By using more ethanol, we can reduce our reliance on potentially volatile nations. It’s the most practical step we can take right now toward greater energy security and green job growth. Plus, the money our nation spends on ethanol stays here – contributing to the tax base, strengthening our economy and supporting American workers and their families.

Ethanol is America’s homegrown, renewable fuel.

Ethanol is America’s only viable and available fuel that can be substituted for gasoline. Unlike oil, ethanol is renewable – it will never run out. It’s high-tech, homegrown and on the verge of innovation breakthroughs that will make it even cleaner and greener for the long-term. Ethanol is vital to achieving American energy dependence and energy security.

Our country’s dependence on foreign oil causes enormous problems for Americans every day – raising the prices on everything from gas to groceries and sending money and jobs overseas. In contrast, ethanol uses American labor, resources and ingenuity. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that for every one billion gallons of ethanol produced, 10,000 to 20,000 jobs will be created. These are green collar jobs that will contribute to the tax base and can never be outsourced to another country.

Ethanol is also better for our environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 59 percent compared to gasoline. It reduces the need for huge foreign oil tankers, making our ports on every coast safer. And ethanol has replaced the harmful gasoline additive MTBE in most states, and also reduces formaldehyde and carbon monoxide emissions.

Ethanol is 100% American made. It’s our nation’s growth energy solution for our foreign oil problem.